Friday, October 15, 2010

Micro hexrotor UAV with onboard video

First Test flight with On Screen Display Telemetry

Quadrocopter test: X Kopter II

Test flight of X-Kopter with new frame and camera mount. Looks like a nice stable platform.

Autonomous Pirouetting Quadrotor

Autonomous quadrotor pirouetting around an ellipse. Work done at GRASP Lab, University of Pennsylvania.

Conrad Quadrocopter 450

The electric helicopter model "Quadrocopter 450 ARF" is as far as possible pre-assembled. In the professional field, such "drones" are already used for the most diverse of tasks. The latest micro processor controlled electronics with position control and acceleration sensor stabilise the quadrotor helicopter. High quality brushless dc motors paired with a specially developed drive enable a long and powerful flight operation and reserve for payloads e.g. cameras etc. The novel steering and the electronic self stabilisation result in excellent flight handling characteristics. Different flying programmes ensure that both beginners and experts will be able to have their fun. The quadrotor helicopter can be used both indoors and outdoors. The in-built electronic controls can intercept small undesired changes to the flight altitude, however they will not be completely changed. As the quadrotor helicopter weighs less than a kilo, it is to some degree sensitive to wind. Therefore, ideal flying conditions are complete lack of wind to very gentle and even wind. The lightweight designer frame made from aluminium and synthetic components is sturdy and enables excellent flight handling characteristics. The frame is collapsible and therefore space saving and easy to transport. The designer frame contains the complete set of electronics and has space for expansion plates. Through the grid construction, at a light weight load there is good stability and good protection for the electronics.Due to its construction, the model is designed for the experienced model helicopter pilot who does not just want to carry out helicopter-like, sensational moves. However, this extremely manoeuvrable model is also suitable for beginners! However, before the first flight, we recommend that beginners follow an appropriate training program in a flight simulator for helicopters and-or seek active assistance from an experienced model helicopter pilot. The model can be expanded by additional electronics (expansion interface available on the control unit) and the mounting of several mechanisms on the platform mount fixture on the underside of the grid frame

Goldstein Endre 2010

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Quadrocopter flight in Moscow with new custom main board

Second edition of custom designed main board (FlightCtrl) for multycopter flying systems


Indian spy copter test show in a exibition.. Pakistan got flying birds with mini cams fixed inside birds vent to spy on indian borders..see the difference btwn INDIA and PAKISTAN..

Friday, October 8, 2010

Elektor Microdrones Quadrocopter in flight

A flying microdrone called Quadrocopter transmitting live video to an LCD screen at Embedded Nuremberg, 2008. Event staged by Elektor magazine in cooperation with Microdrones GmbH.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Parrot AR.Drone quadricopter flying thing impresses at CES

Control funky quad copter with your iPhone Distributed by Tubemogul.

Object Tracking for Human Interaction with Autonoumous Quadcopter

Demonstration of autonomous quadcopter tracking and responding to objects within a flight volume using the AR.Drone and Vicon motion capture camera system at the NASA Langley Research Center.

Indoor vision-controlled helicopter

I demonstrate a simple PD controller on my vision-based helicopter control system.

A ring of IR lights shine on three reflectors on the target. The computer tracks them and computes the helicopter's pose and position 120 x's a second. You can see the spots on the black window in the computer screen, and the estimated pose as the white heli on the blue screen (hard to see compressed). The computer then sends radio control signals and flies the heli.

Here, it is trying to hover. The simple controller causes a lot of oscillation because the dynamics are "non-minimum phase." This means that it goes in the opposite direction from its command for a split second, then goes the way you told it. Motorcycles do the same thing.

The simple controller is pretty confused, but it still works. I am working on better control algorithms that should fly it more smoothly.

MIT voice activated quadcopter

MIT Robotics group has made an awesome voice activated quadcopter:

You can see from the vid that the operator speaks “fly past room 124, then face the windows and go up”. There must have been some speech to text on iPhone, and it would appear that the helicopter can transmit this text into actual commands.

The video has a man simply speaking commands like “up” and “go to the elevators”. It does obey those commands as well, even though these orders are pretty vague. I mean, how does the copter know how high to go up, or what area around the elevators to go to?

I suppose that this could be use as sort of a mini-predator drone, one that is vocally controlled. Hopefully it will know how to obey the order of “get out of there”.

Well, usually anything that is being worked on at a University is concept tech. If they perfect it and market it, then that AR.Drone has some serious competition.


Quadcopter - West Midlands Fire Service 'ISIS' - Microdrones by MW Power

ISIS - Incident Support Imaging System - does exactly what it says on the tin!

MikroQuad Test Flight #2

This is my most stable test flight with my MikroQuad so far. Still need to tune my PID controller a bit better. More info can be found at The website will fill out as the project continues.

UAV Police Quad-Copter

This project is implemented by three student from Computer Engineering department in KUWAIT UNIVERSITY in Graduated project course

Done By:
Ali Jawed Alsahaf
Mohammad Baqer Dashti
Taleb Behbehani
a Police Quad-Copter which is an UAV aircraft that is lifted and propelled by four rotors , sensors and AVRcam. It is a solution for traffic congestion that helps the police to track accidents in the locked traffic highways by taking photos of the accident and providing live-stream video of the scene and transfer these data through GSM/GPRS Network to the police station .

UAVX Quadcopter

This is a short video of my nearly completed UAVX Quadcopter.

Quad Copter Flight Test

Quad Copter Flight Test

Gaui 330x Quad Copter Rock Lift

Lifting a 1 pound 3 ounce rock with my Gaui 330x quad copter! Almost crashed it 2 minutes in .

That was a little be scary!

Walkera UFO 8 Quadcopter

Probably the tinniest quadcopter - flies very smooth and fast. Can be flown like a normal helicopter (without negative pitch). Behaves very nicely, even in windy conditions, so can be used outside as well as indoor. A little harder to fly than a coax helicopter.

Tri-Copter Films Quad-Copter Flying - Inflight Air to Air Footage - JB Aletky

My Scratchbuilt Tri-Copter films a quadcopter flying. This is my first multi rotor aircraft. It still needs much more test flying and adjustments. It is a proof of concept vehicle, 1st Generation. Revisions are in the works for the next version. Sorry for the lack of video editing. I don't have the software to edit .mov files yet. Questions+Coments Welcomed. Enjoy!

Draganflyer Vti with L.E.D strips

I bought these light strips from The ribbon strips are very thin and flexible. The sticky adheasive and flexibility makes mounting them very easy.

They are also very easy to cut into smaller legnths. But make sure you know how to use a soldering iron.

Quadcopter OCC

During the OCC 2009 at Oegstgeest (The Netherlands) the Quadcopter of Stephan did a test flight what has succeeded !

Quad Copter Flight in Wind

this is home build PIC-based quad copter

Quad Copters at CCC Camp: video 1

Mmm. Flying Drones. First we start out with the 10K Euro version. Then we see the 500 Euro homebrew. And then, the faceoff!

Quadcopter 5 - First test flights

Finally test flew the completed 5th Arduino quadcopter. It is a 1500gram machine with a 64cm motor-to-motor distance. For a first flight, this was very satisfactory. The PID setting were as follows:

Pitch: P=3.75, D=-10
Roll: P=3.5, D=-10
Yaw: P=12, D=0
TX Factor = 0.20

Only Acrobatic mode was flown. No stable mode flights yet. Also was a bit windy outside.

Brushless Quad Copter

My maiden flight (well actually the second) of my new brushless quad copter. It uses PWM (not I2C) 10A ESC's with real inexpensive brushless motors.

ArduIMU Quadcopter

Third part of ArduIMU quadcopter project.
Altitude hold, Obstacle avoiding, Automatic flight pattern.

Microdrones Quadcopter Swarming flight

The Microdrone by MW Power was the only quadcopter to be flown at this year's Parc Aberporth Unmanned Systems event.