Saturday, December 31, 2011

Dragon C-21 AVATAR, Working Quadcopter Model

RC model Dragon C-21 from the movie AVATAR from Russia Continuation models Avatar

New Concept Heli Test flight, Dual rotor

Here is the 2nd Test flight that turned into a total fun flight with this new concept RC helicopter. This time we tried some altitude and this thing can climb like a Collective pitch. This is just tons of fun flying this heli around. Hoping this heli will be available soon with affordable prices and in a bigger version for FPV and Aerial shooting. Comments and feedback welcome at or Don't forget to Subscribe to

microdrones md4-1000

The new microdrone!!! HD Productvideo microdrones md4-1000

UGent UAV (Microdrone) used for archaeology

This movie gives a short introduction into the operating principles of the two UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) deployed by Ghent University to acquire the necessary aerial imagery for creating 3D reconstructions of archaeological interest (excavations, standing structures, landscapes, etc.)